Art of Sound Healing

From a perspective where science meets spirituality.
Students will gain an understanding of the medicinal properties of the different types of sounds and vibrations and how to use them in a session.

January 21-2024


From a perspective where science meets spirituality. Students will gain an understanding of the medicinal properties of the different types of sounds and vibrations and how to use them in a session. It’s one thing to learn to play an instrument and another to understand how to use these powerful sounds in a beneficial working with sound, vibration and healing through crystal singing bowls. Part listening and meditation with sound and part learning experience about the practical uses of crystals for healing and ascension. The training includes hands on practice with crystal bowls and their applications.

Through working with sound we can change our lives and have a deepened sense of purpose, connect to our dreams and hopes and become crystal clear on how to manifest the best life for ourselves with expanded heart.


Fundamentals of Sound Healing


The training truly begins once you start practicing at home with your own instruments. This is when you will utilize the techniques taught in the workshops and hone in on your sound healing skills. Practicing with friends and family will build confidence and help you create the structure of your unique sessions.


The in-person weekend intensive offers a great way to explore the different instruments with hands-on practice. This is a great way to discover your favorite sonic tools before making an investment. There might be many online courses on this topic, but nothing compares to experiencing the power of sound healing live before your eyes, feel the vibrations, and develop your relationship with sound through group and individual exercises.


Videos in YouTube
About the secret geometric
And the different effects of frecuency
Divine proportion of sounds,
Binaural beats
Heart -Brain coherence.
Vibrational medicine, and sonic
Principles of yoga nidra and prana nidra.

Hands-on teaching modules include practice with the following instruments (everything is provided, no need to bring your own or purchase before the training):
– Crystal Bowls
– Himalayan Bowls
– Gongs
– Tuning Forks
– Shamanic Drumming
– Exploration of the different types of playing mallets
– And discover that you are energy of the sound with in your voice and your own body.

The Sound Healing included

– Healing modalities
– Reiki
– Thetaheling
– Ancestral Healing
– Vibrational Healing


I developed my practical teaching in my intuitive conetion the past 24 years that offers a gentle yet powerful way to give your client the proper dosage of sounds and vibrations without over-activating their vessel. With this knowledge, you will be a very skillful and powerful sound healer.

This comes with a personal consultation to help you make the best choices and navigate through the different instrument brands. Guidance on accessories will help you save time and money. If you’re not sure where to start, Claudia will help you choose the best sonic tools to start with or add to your current collection.

Private Coaching
Some students find private coaching after the training to be beneficial. Claudia offers these sessions for an additional fee.


Students will receive a certificate after completing the following:
– Completion of the Online and In Person workshops

– Perform 5 complimentary and 5 donation-based sound baths for friends (10 total) and turn in feedback forms

– Take short Quiz on Basic Sound Healing Knowledge

– Design a healing session on paper that incorporates sound healing

* Certification is not required to take the training but it is recommended if you choose to share sound healing professionally. There are many business advantages for having a certificate of completion on hand

Registration Policy

* Space is limited to provide an authentic learning experience

* Deposit is non-refundable but may be applied to a future training within one year of original date

* Cancellation must be submitted a minimum of 7 days prior to the workshop start date

* If you cancel within 7 days of training there is a $153 rescheduling fee

* The certification is not mandatory as many take the course to evolve their self-care.

Registration Fees

(Registre by January 7 and save $500)


(Registre by January 15th and save $300)


(Register by
January 21)

General Registration

Deposit to hold your spot: $300
(Balance due one week before online class starts)